Professional Auction Services in NY

We specialize in a wide range of on-site auctioneering services and online auctions, including estate, consignment, liquidation, storage unit, antique and collectible, firearms, downsizing, heavy equipment, and charitable organization auctions.
We are also Licensed Real Estate Sales persons with YAC Properties Inc.

Why the Auction Method of Marketing?

The auction method of marketing speeds up the selling process of your personal property, forcing buyers to deal with a deadline by giving them a specific date, time and place for the sale. It usually takes only 2 to 4 weeks to market for an auction depending on the type of auction being conducted.

The auction method is quick and complete in scope, rather than drawn out over several days and it permits the market pricing to be set by the buying public. Auctions are interesting, "people events" and have been for centuries. In fact, it's hard to imagine anything that is not sold at an auction!

Auctions are as modern as today's technology yet as old as mankind. Recorded history describes auctions around 500 B.C. The "Oxford English Dictionary" of 1595 is the earliest English reference to the auction. And everything has been selling well at auction ever since. In fact, the auction can be the best place to buy what you are looking for - or sell what you have - at a fair market price! We are one of the top antique auction houses in CNY!

Our Commitments to the Seller


Be "prepared" for you the seller and take full responsibility for formulating & executing a good plan-After all we as an auction company and seller are forming a partnership and we will all benefit from a well planned auction.


"Enthusiasm" combined with confidence and composure.

Most importantly being ready and willing to go to work for you and then get the job done successfully.


"Honesty and integrity"

With your help as a seller we can represent the property to the best of our ability - Buyer confidence is very, very important! Seller representation is everything!


"Product Knowledge"

You cannot replace experience-having been there, done that and then prepared for next time, it's immeasurable. Knowing the product and where and if there is a viable market for it- this is so very important if the Auction is to succeed.


A good "marketing strategy" A strong campaign with "High Target Marketing" to the appropriate audience.

Don't cut corners but yet work within the means of what the potential of the auction is. Good exposure & proper timing for buyers to find out about the auction are a must!


Disclose "terms & conditions" that are clear and concise.

Fair rules for the auction and apply these to all participants. Allow the bidding public ability to review the terms and conditions in a clear and concise manner so they can make their buying decisions.


"What are your needs?"

Have options with consideration for your needs in the preparation of the Auction. Each auction has individual needs and we need to recognize your needs as a seller and help you address them.


"Competent and qualified staff"

So important to be surrounded by top qualified personal - all important in serving you better as a seller. Your success is important. It's our success also. We know as an individual, we cannot be and do all the things, so we strive to offer top notch personal ready to accomplish each and every needed task.


"Being the best we can be."

Conscious of striving to be the most qualified and prepared for business success- we are always aware of the need for continuing education and advancing our expertise in the profession. This, plus always being aware of the latest cutting edge technology that's available to us as professional Auctioneers, will all be a huge benefit to you as a seller.


A professional experienced Auctioneer who can "perform and create" the action needed on Auction day. A top notch bid caller - a very important key element towards involving the crowd and getting and then keeping the momentum going. The auctioneer needs to be enthusiastic and be able to energize the bidding public. Settle only for the best. You've made the move to sell and with that you're most likely selling a lifetime. You cannot afford to sacrifice. Remember hiring a top notch professional doesn't cost, it pays.

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